About Us

Carolin Göppert founded Main Verlag in 1982, specialising in local and cooking mysteries.

W.P. Alster and Juan V.M.R. Santiago took over in 2013, giving the publishing house a new direction. In the beginning, phantasy and gay literature were the main focus.

In 2014, they added Polygon Noir Edition, which focuses on young adult and new adult gay erotic and romance.

W.P. Alster and Juan V.M.R. Santiago aren’t unknown in their genre. W.P. Alster has published nearly 50 mythical, mysterious and mystical novels under different pen names. Juan V.M.R. Santiago, though, has only been writing for a few years, but before that, he’s been an actor for more than ten years, as well as an actor and regisseur of some erotic movies. If he’s not writing, he’s designing covers, produces music and enjoys his life. They’re supported by a competent team and lots of creative authors.



Chris McHart has been a published authors for a few years. She founded RAWmance Publishing to have a home for her selfpublished titles. RAWmance became part of MAIN Verlag in 2017. In 2018 Chris moved on to other projects, leaving RAW in the capable hands of the owners of Main Verlag.